Study the following informationand answer the questions given below it
Seven people—A, B, C, D, E, F and G are sitting in a circle. Five ofthem are facing the centre while two of them are facing oppositeto the centre. C sits third to the left of D and both are facing thecentre. E is neither on immediate neighbour of D nor of C. Theone sitting exactly between D and F is facing opposite to centre.G sits third to the right of A and G is facing the centre. One of B’sneighbour is facing opposite to the centre.
Which of the following pairs represents persons facing opposite to the centre?

[ A ]    A and F
[ B ]    E and F
[ C ]    A and E right
[ D ]    Cannot be determined
[ E ]    None of these
Answer : Option C
Explanation :

A and E person facing opposite to centre.
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