What is android ? What are the advantages of Android ? Explain about the exceptions of Android ? Describe the APK format ? What is .apk extension? What is .dex extension? Explain the Architecture of Android ? What is an activity? What is a service ? How to Remove Desktop icons and Widgets ? Describe a real time scenario where android can be used ? How to select more than one option from list in android xml file? What languages does Android support for application development ? What is the Android Open Source Project ? Why did we open the Android source code ? What is Mono for Android? What is included in Mono for Android ? Where is the UI Designer ? What is An Intent ? What is an explicit Intent ? What is an implicit Intent ? What is An android manifest file ? What do ADT stands for ? What are the tools are placed in An Android SDK ? What is view Group in android ? What is a content provider in android ? What are the notifications available in android ? What is container in android ? What is ADB in android ? What is ANR in android ? What is an Adapter in android ? What is shared preferences in android ? What are the key components in android architecture ? What does the intent filter do in android ? Where layouts are placed in android ? What is nine-patch images tool in android ? How many dialog boxes do support in android ? What are the exceptions available in android ? What is the order of dialog box in android ? What are the different storages available in android ? What is a Sticky Intent in android ? How to Translate in Android ? How is the use of web view in Android ? Why cant you run java byte code on Android? How does android track the application on process ? How to change application name after its deployment? Define the application resource file in android ? How to launch an activity in android ? How do you pass the data to sub activities android? What is singleton class in android ? What is fragment in android? What is sleep mode in android? Which kernal is used in android? How to update UI from a service in android ? What folders are impotent in android project ? What are application Widgets in android ? How do you find any view element into your program ? What are the type of flags to run an application in android ? What is drawable folder in android?
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