Introduce yourself ? What is the meaning of your name? What is the specialty of the place you belong to? What are your hobbies? Why did you choose banking as your profession? Do you have any previous experience? Why did you leave your previous job? How can you be a value addition to our organization? Where do you see yourself in another five years? Do you think you have leadership quality? Do you have any achievement? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Are you applying for other jobs? Do you know anyone who works in banking sector? Are you a team player? Why should we select you? How would you evaluate your present firm? Who is your idol? Do you have any questions? FUNCTIONS OF THE RBI ? COMMERCIAL BANKS FUNCTIONS ? NATIONALISATION OF BANKS ? OBJECTIVES OF NATIONALIZATION ? SCHEDULED BANKS VS NON SCHEDULED BANKS ? ACCOUNTS IN A BANK INTEREST RATE ON BANK ACOUNTS ? what is NBFC ? What is Difference between BANK and NBFC ? Different types or categories of NBFCs registered with RBI ? Brief about RNBC ? Which banks are insured by the DICGC? What does the DICGC insure? What is the maximum deposit amount insured by the DICGC? NEFT AND RTGS what is Bearer Cheque or open Cheque ? what is Order Cheque ? what is Crossed Cheque ? what is Ante Dated Cheque ? what is Stale Cheque ? what is A self cheque ? A truncated cheque ? what is Parties of a Cheque ? what is Commodity Money ? what is Representative Money? what is Fiat Money? what is Commercial Bank Money ? what is Post Dated Cheque ? what is Base Rate? what is Bridge Loan ? what is Credit Authorization Scheme ? what is Open Market Operations ? what is Moral Suasion? what is Special Drawing Rights SDRs ? what is Bouncing of a cheque ? What is Demat Account ? what is Endorsement? define Merchant Banking ? what about Money Laundering? what is Mortgage? What is GAAR? what is BPLR ? what is Prime Lending Rate PLR ? what is Wholesale Banking ? what is Capital Adequacy Ratio CAR ? what is Asset Liability Mismatch ? What is Asset Management Companies? What is Liquidity Adjustment Facility LAF ? What is Bancassurance? What is Balance of Trade? What is Balance of Payments? What is NOSTRO Account? What is VOSTRO Account? What is IMPS? What is BCBS? What is LIBOR? What is STRIPS? What is KYC? What do you mean by term CASA related to bank? What is Inflation? Name the types of Inflation ? What are the effects of Inflation ? What is Money Laundering ? What do you mean by narrow banking? what is IFSC Indian Financial System Code ? what is MICR ? what is SWIFT Code ? What is Para banking? what is Narrow Banking? What is Offshore Banking? what is Green banking? What is Retail Banking? what is Wholesale banking ? Tell About NABARD ? Tell me about SIDBI ? About SEBI ?
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