Indian History Questions And Answers Practice Set 53

Free Online Test Quiz on Indian History Questions And Answers Practice Gk General Knowledge Questions Online test Quiz  Set 53 UPSC  IAS Prelims civil service exams,   for All competitive exams (UPSC, SSC ,SSC CGL)

1 .The INA was largely composed of
A.  Indian Revolutionaries
B.  Overseas Indians
C.  Indian Prisoners of war under the Japanese
D.  Deserters from the British Indian Army
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2 .Subhash Bose established the Provisional Government of free India at
A.  Berlin
B.  Bangkok
C.  Singapore
D.  Tokyo
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3 .Azad Hind Fauz or the Indian National Army (IRA) was founded by
A.  Subhash Bose
B.  Rash Behari Bose
C.  General Mohan Singh
D.  Shah Nawaz
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4 .Kasturba Gandhi died in detention (in 1944) at
A.  Yeravada Jail
B.  Ahmedabad Prison
C.  Aga Khan Palace
D.  Ahmednagar Fort
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5 .In 1921, Mahatma Gandhi resolved to wear only a loin cloth to propagate home spun cotton to signify
A.  the poverty of the Indian people
B.  the ruin of India's handloom textiles
C.  his identification with the Indian people
D.  his resolve to wear tailored clothes only when India became independent
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6 .Which of the following was not one of the points stressed by mahatma Gandhi while exhorting the people to join the Quit india Movement?
A.  Forget the differences between the Hindus and Muslims and think of yourselves as Indians only.
B.  our quarrel is not with British people, we fight their imperialism and we must purge ourselves of hatred.
C.  Feel from today that you are a free man and pot a dependent. do or die. Either free India or die in the the attempt.
D.  Freedom of India is an end that will purify all means employed to achieve it.
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7 .The Working Committee of the Congress passed the Quit india resolution on
A.  July 14, 1942
B.  August 10, 1942
C.  August 8, 1942
D.  June 30, 1942
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8 .Which of the following was not one of the recommendations of the Cabinet Minion (1946) about the Constitution of india?
A.  There should be a Union of India embracing both British india and the States
B.  The Muslim majority provinces should be separately constituted into a Union of Pakistan
C.  The provinces should enjoy autonomy for all subjects and should be free to form groups
D.  Three basic Groups proposed by the Mission were Group A (Hindumajority Provinces) Group B (Muslim-majority Provinces) and Group C (Bengal and Assam)
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9 .Mahatma Gandhi spent a year of complete silence in 1926 to
A.  consolidate Khadi programme
B.  work for harijan welfare
C.  cl do penance for Chauri-Chaura violence
D.  write his autobiography
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10 .The famous 'Ratings Mutiny' (Revolt of a section of Indian soldiers serving In the Royal Indian Navy) in Bombay in february 1946 was calmed down largely by the efforts of
A.  Mahatma Gandhi
B.  C Rajagopalachari
C.  Jawahar Lal Nehru
D.  Vallabhbhai Patel
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11 .The Interim Government which took office on September 2,1946 was headed by
A.  Rajendra Prasad
B.  Jawaharlal Nehru
C.  Vallabhbhai Patel
D.  C Rajagopalachari
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12 .After the elections to the Constituent Assembly were held in July 1946, the Constituent Assembly met for the first time in new Delhi on
A.  December 9, 1946
B.  January 15, 1947
C.  February 10, 1947
D.  August 15, 1947
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13 .On the Direct Action Day unprecedented bloodshed took place (as a result of Hindu-Muslim riots) in
A.  Dacca
B.  Calcutta
C.  Delhi
D.  Meerut and Karachi
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14 .Why did Mahatma Gandhi ultimately lend his support to the resolution passed by the Congress Working Committee agreeing to the partition of India in spite of his personal, life- Long outspoken disapproval of Pakistan?
A.  There was no other go after he was presented with a fait accompli
B.  Jawaharlal Nehru convinced him about the justification in favour of it
C.  To prevent the loss of prestige of the Congress Ministers who had agreed to the partition
D.  The problem at home were far too pressing to carp about a minor concession being conceded to the Muslim League
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15 .British Prime Minister Attlee made the historic announcement of the end of British rule in India (and transfer of power to responsible Indian hands by a date not Later than June1948) on
A.  May 16, 1946
B.  February 20, 1947
C.  March 10, 1946
D.  December 31, 1946
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