Indian History Questions And Answers Practice Set 18

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    free Quiz Indian History Questions And Answers Practice Gk General Knowledge Questions Online test Quiz  Set 18 IAS Prelims civil service exams,   for All competitive exams (UPSC, SSC ,SSC CGL)

    1 .The philosophy propounded in the Upanishads is known as
    A.  Advaita
    B.  Vedanta
    C.  Yoga
    D.  Samkhya
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    2 .Bhagavatiam refers to worship of
    A.  Vasudeva Krishna
    B.  Brahma
    C.  Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva
    D.  Durga as Shakti
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    3 .Vaishnavism, a later development of Bhagavatism, advocates the worship of
    A.  Vishnu
    B.  Ram and Krishna
    C.  Vishnu and his incarnations
    D.  Vishnu and Lakshmi
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    4 .After the growth of the Vedic religion the most important development in the history of the so-called Hinduism was the development of
    A.  Shaivism
    B.  Saktism
    C.  Bhagavatism
    D.  Tantricism
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    5 .Which of the following was the first metal to be discovered and used as tools by humans?
    A.  Iron
    B.  Gold
    C.  Tin
    D.  Copper
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    6 .Vardhamana Mahavira the 24th Tirthankar of Jainism was born at ____ and died at ____.
    A.  Vaishali and Rajagriha
    B.  Kusinara and Pava
    C.  Kundagrama and Pava
    D.  Kashi and Champa
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    7 .Of the five vows (Panch Anuvratas) of Jainism, four existed before Mahavira. The one which he added was
    A.  not to kill (non-injury)
    B.  not to steal
    C.  non-attachment to worldly things
    D.  celibacy
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    8 .In Jainism the aim of life is to attain Nirvana or Moksha for which one has to
    A.  follow three jewels and five vows
    B.  practice, non-violence and non-injury to all living beings
    C.  renounce the world and attain right knowledge
    D.  believe in the Jains and absolute non-violence
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    9 .The 'Three Jewels' (Triratnas) of Jainism are
    A.  right faith or intentions, right knowledge and right conduct
    B.  right action, right livelihood and right effort
    C.  right thoughts, non-violence and non-attachment
    D.  right speech, right thinking and right behaviour
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    10 .The founder of Jainism was
    A.  Rishbha
    B.  Neminath
    C.  Parsvanatha
    D.  Vardhaman Mahavira
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    11 .Buddhism was divided into Mahayana and Hinayana during the reign of
    A.  Asoka
    B.  Kanishka
    C.  Menander
    D.  Harsha
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    12 .The name Buddha means
    A.  enlightened
    B.  learned
    C.  divine
    D.  sacred
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    13 .Outside India, Buddhism was first accepted in
    A.  China
    B.  Japan
    C.  Sri Lanka
    D.  Tibet
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    14 .Of all the states in northern India in 6th century BC which of the following states emerged as the most powerful?
    A.  Anga
    B.  Magadha
    C.  Kashi
    D.  Kosala
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    15 .When Alexander invaded India, Magadha was being ruled by the
    A.  Haryankas
    B.  Sisunagas
    C.  Nandas
    D.  Mauryas
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