Indian History Questions And Answers Practice Set 7

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    Indian History Questions And Answers Practice Gk General Knowledge Questions  Online test Quiz  Set 7 for All competitive exams (UPSC, SSC ,SSC CGL) 

    1 .Taxila was a famous site of
    A.  Early Vedic art
    B.  Mauryan art
    C.  Gandhara art
    D.  Gupta art
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    2 .The gold coins were introduced first in India by
    A.  The Kushanas
    B.  The Greeks
    C.  The Sakas
    D.  The Parthians
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    3 .Which of the following dynasties conquered Sri Lanka and SouthEast Asian countries?
    A.  The Pandyas
    B.  The Chalukyas
    C.  The Cholas
    D.  The Rashtrakutas
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    4 .The art style which combines Indian and Greek features is called
    A.  Sikhara
    B.  Verna
    C.  Nagara
    D.  Gandhara
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    5 .The Harappans were the earliest people to produce
    A.  Seals
    B.  Bronze implements
    C.  Cotton
    D.  Barely
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    6 .The Megalithic culture (500 B.C. - A.D. 100) brings us to the historical period in South India. The Megaliths used
    A.  weapons made of stone
    B.  tools & implements made of stone.
    C.  graves encircled by big pieces of stones.
    D.  articles of daily use made of stone.
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    7 .Chinese pilgrim who visited India during Harsha Vardhan's period was
    A.  Fa-hien
    B.  I'tsing
    C.  Nishka
    D.  Hiuen Tsang
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    8 .Chalukya king Pulakesin-Il was defeated by
    A.  Mahendra Varman-I
    B.  Narasimha Varman-I
    C.  Parameswara Varman-I
    D.  Jatila Parantaka
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    9 .Greek-Roman Art has found a place in
    A.  Ellora
    B.  Gandhara
    C.  Kalinga
    D.  Buddhist Art.
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    10 .The Ajanta pantings belong to the
    A.  Harappan period
    B.  Mauryan period
    C.  Buddhist period
    D.  Gupta period
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    11 .The Harappans were
    A.  rural
    B.  urban
    C.  nomadic
    D.  tribal
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    12 .The crop which was not known to Vedic people is
    A.  barley
    B.  wheat
    C.  rice
    D.  tobacco
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    13 .The Rashtrakuta kingdom was founded by
    A.  Dandi Durga (Danti Durga)
    B.  Amoghavarsha
    C.  Govinda III
    D.  Indra III
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    14 .The paintings in the Ajanta and Ellora caves are indicative of development of art under the
    A.  Rashtrakutas
    B.  Pallavas
    C.  Pandyas
    D.  Chalukyas
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    15 .Gupta Dynasty was famous for
    A.  art and architecture
    B.  imperialism
    C.  revenue and land reform
    D.  None of these
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