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586 .The strategic aim of IRDP is :
A.  to provide more opportunities for rural employment and credit facilities at concessional rate of interest
B.  to provide the required inputs for increasing agricultural productivity
C.  to reduce unemployment
D.  none of these
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587 .Match the following: Industry Product / service
A. Grasim 1. Cement
B. Ranbaxy 2. Automobiles
C. Reliance 3. Oil and gas
D. TELCO 4. Pharmaceuticals

A.  3 2 1 4
B.  3 4 1 2
C.  1 4 3 2
D.  1 2 3 4
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588 .Under increasing returns the supply curve is
A.  parallel to the quantity-axis
B.  positively sloped from left to right
C.  negatively sloped from left to right
D.  parallel to the price-axis
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589 .Consider the following:
1. Life expectancy at birth
2. Gross enrolment ratio for schools
3. Adult Literacy rate
4. Per capita income
Which of the above is/are the parameters for the measurement of Human Development Index by UNDP?
A.  1, 2 and 4
B.  4 only
C.  1, 2, 3 and 4
D.  1 and 3
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590 .Fresh evalution of every item of expenditure from the very beginning of each financial year is called:
A.  deficit Budgeting
B.  performance Budgeting
C.  fresh Budgeting
D.  zero-based Budgeting
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591 .Bokaro Steel Limited was established with the assistance of:
B.  Germany
C.  Soviet Union
D.  UK
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592 .In terms of economy, the visit by foreign nationals to witness the XIX Common Wealth Games in India amounted to
A.  Import
B.  Export
C.  Consumption
D.  Production
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593 .The Food For Work programme was renamed as:
A.  National Rural Employment Programme (NREP)
B.  Jawahar Rozgar Yojana (JRY)
C.  Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme (RLEGP)
D.  Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP)
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594 .Economic survey is published by :
A.  Indian Statistical Institute
B.  Planning Commission
C.  Govt. of India
D.  Ministry of Finance
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