General Science Biology Questions for SSC / UPSC Set 3

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    General Science  Biology Questions for SSC / UPSC MCQs Set 3 Questions And Answers for SSC-CGL, UPPSC, UPSC, NDA, CDS and UPSC Civil Services Prelims Online free practice Quiz  – General Studies

    1 .Example of positive geotropism is-
    A.  Closing of flower
    B.  Upward growth of stem
    C.  Downwards growth of root
    D.  Lateral growth of root
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    2 .Leaves of which of the following plants are not used for the rearing of silkworms?
    A.  Mulberry
    B.  Castor
    C.  Oak
    D.  Teak
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    3 .Water and mineral in plant is transported through-
    A.  Xylem
    B.  Phloem
    C.  Pith
    D.  Cortex
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    4 .Number of stomata is less and sunkin in-
    A.  Mesophytes
    B.  Halophytes
    C.  Hydrophytes
    D.  Xerophytes
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    5 .Which of the following is used as rodenticide?
    A.  Zinc phosphide
    B.  Zinc carbonate
    C.  Zinc chloride
    D.  Zinc sulphide
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    6 .Red not of sugarcane is caused by-
    A.  Calletotrichum falcatum
    B.  Cercopspora personata
    C.  Alternaria alternata
    D.  Phylophthora Infestans
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    7 .Element playing role in nitrogen fixation-
    A.  Mn
    B.  Mo
    C.  Zn
    D.  Cu
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    8 .Branch of science which deal with the study of skin of man-
    A.  Physiology
    B.  Anatomy
    C.  Biochemistry
    D.  Demetology
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    9 .Study of disease like cancer-
    A.  Osteology
    B.  Oncology
    C.  Karyology
    D.  Nephrology
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    10 .What is vermicultrue?
    A.  The science of raising worms
    B.  The science of studying
    C.  The science of killing worms
    D.  None of these
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    11 .Which of the following have coral reefs?
    1. Andaman and Nicobar Island2. Culf of Kachchh3. Gul of Mannar4. Sundar - bansSelect correct answer using code:
    A.  1, 2 and 3 only
    B.  2 and three only
    C.  2 and 4 only
    D.  1, 2, 3 and 4 only
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    12 .What does the word 'amphibian' mean?
    A.  Two lives
    B.  Four lives
    C.  Three lives
    D.  One life
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    13 .Kala - azar is transmitted by ….
    A.  Black flies
    B.  sand fly
    C.  Tsetse fly
    D.  Mites
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    14 .Meocyanin is an oxygen-transpot metalloprotein in some invertebrate animals. This protein contains:
    A.  One proper atom
    B.  two copper atoms
    C.  one iron atom
    D.  one magnesium atom
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    15 .What is farming along with animal husbandry called?
    A.  mixed farming
    B.  Mixed agriculture
    C.  Dairy farming
    D.  Truck farming
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