General Awareness Questions and answers for Bank exams

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    General Awareness Questions and answers for Bank exams  IBPS SBI Clerk PO main Online exams Preparation

    1500+ MCQ  mixed with Some Computer Questions too

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    1486 .RBI's policy stance to manage interest and liquidity are used to
    A.  moderate inflation and maintain economic growth
    B.  moderate competition among private and public sector banks
    C.  eradicate unemployment in public sector
    D.  moderate currency supply in public hands
    E.  moderate deposits in public sector bank
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    1487 .Which of the following recently launched a new health scheme 'Stri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana for women? '
    A.  CII
    B.  NDMC
    C.  SEBI
    D.  IRDA
    E.  NABARD
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    1488 .A marketing technique where marketer plays a specific role in a particular segment is called -
    A.  Mass Marketing
    B.  Niche marketing
    C.  Strategic Marketing
    D.  Communication Marketing
    E.  None of these
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    1489 .Consumer information sources are.
    A.  personal and commercial sources
    B.  public source
    C.  experiential source
    D.  All of the above
    E.  only (a ) and (b )
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    1490 .To view information on the web you must have a ...............
    A.  Cable modem
    B.  Web browser
    C.  Domain Name Server
    D.  Hypertext viewer
    E.  None of these
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    1491 .Marketing in banks has been necessitated due to
    A.  globalisation
    B.  excess staff
    C.  nationalisation of bank
    D.  complacency among the staff
    E.  poor customer service
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    1492 .Buying situations may be caused by ________.
    A.  Awareness about competing brands in a product group.
    B.  Customer has decision criteria
    C.  Customer is able to evaluate and decide on his choice
    D.  All of the above
    E.  None of these
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    1493 .As we know commercial banks accept deposits from the public. What do banks do with this money?
    A.  This is a type of credit creation. Bank gives this on loan
    B.  This is an income for the bank
    C.  Banks give this money directly to the Govt. for developmental projects
    D.  This money is deposited with the RBI who in turn gives some interest on it banks
    E.  None of these
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    1494 .The central government launched Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana is a scheme for ___.
    A.  Irrigation
    B.  Rural Development
    C.  Social welfare programme
    D.  Financial Inclusion
    E.  None of these
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    1495 .The performance of a hard drive or other storage device, meaning how long it takes to locate a file is called ?
    A.  Response Time
    B.  Access Time
    C.  Quick Time
    D.  None of these
    E.  None of these
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    1496 .Which of the following best explains the Delphi Method ?
    A.  It is a profit-maximization method
    B.  It is a forecasting method
    C.  It is a retrenchment method
    D.  It is a output enhancement method
    E.  It is a risk analysis method
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    1497 .Base rate is the rate below which no bank can allow their lending to anyone. Who set up this base rate for banks?
    A.  Individual Banks Boards (Correct Answer)
    B.  Ministry of Commerce
    C.  Ministry of Finance
    D.  RBI
    E.  Interest Rate Commission of India
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    1498 .To navigate a new Web page for which you know the URL in the browser's _________ and press enter
    A.  Address button
    B.  Address baro
    C.  Name button
    D.  Domain bar
    E.  None of these
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    1499 .Which one of the following best describes the term 'NegativeDemand'?
    A.  Consumers begin to buy a product less frequently
    B.  Consumers do not at all buy a product
    C.  Consumers are unaware or uninterested in a product
    D.  Consumers purchases vary on a seasonal basis
    E.  Consumers dislike a product and may even pay to avoid it.
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    1500 .Antidumping duty is applied on issuance of notice from which ministry?
    A.  Ministry of External Affairs
    B.  Ministry of Home Affairs
    C.  Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
    D.  Ministry of Commerce & Industry
    E.  Ministry of Defence
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