1000 GK Questions and Answers

1000+  GK Questions and Answers  (General Knowledge ) MCQ  Questions and Answers for all competitive exams UPSC IAS IPS  Prelims, SSC CGL ,SSC CHSL general Awareness CTET, UGC NET, SET Questions Practice Online

991 .Which of the following schemes is/are now the part of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA)? ] 1. pardhan mantra gram sadak yojna 2. national food for work programme 3. sampooran grameen rojgar yojna
A.  All (1), (2) & (3)
B.  None of these
C.  Only (2)
D.  Only (1)
E.  Both (2) & (3)
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992 .Which of the following is not a part of the scheduled banking structure in India?
A.  Regional Rural Banks
B.  Money Lenders
C.  Private Sector Banks
D.  State Co-operative Banks
E.  Public Sector Banks
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993 .Many times we see banks advertise - anywhere Banking: Anytime Banking. Which of the following product/facilities launched by banks make it possible for the customers to avail banking services 24 hours all seven days? (1) ATM (2) Internet Banking (3) Universal cheque book facility
A.  Only (1)""
B.  Only (3)
C.  Only (2)
D.  Both (1) & (2)
E.  Both (1) & (2)
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994 .When we talk of smart money what are we referring to?
A.  None of the above
B.  Foreign currency
C.  Treasury bills
D.  Internet banking
E.  Credit cards
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995 .Which among the following is called as non performing assets?
A.  assets that have not been commented upon by the auditors
B.  none of the above
C.  Assets that can exchange income;
D.  all of these
E.  Assets that eases to earn interest income
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996 .Which of the following is not considered as negotiable instrument underthe Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881?
A.  Promissory Note
B.  Cheque with 'Not Negotiable' crossing
C.  Cheque Payable to Bearer
D.  Share Certificate
E.  Bill of Exchange
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997 .The monetary authority in India,viz Reserve Bank of India, is bound to maintain a reserve against the notes issued, whatever may be the amount. This system is called is
A.  None of the above
B.  minimum reserve system
C.  simple deposit system
D.  maximum fiduciary issue system
E.  proportional reserve system
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998 .Open market operations, one of the measures taken by RBI in order to control credit expansion in the economy, means
A.  None of the above
B.  to make available direct finance to borrowers
C.  auction of gold
D.  issuance of different types of bonds
E.  sale or purchase of government securities
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999 .Which of the following mobilise (s) the savings of the public to specifically invest in the industrial securities?
A.  All of these
B.  L I C
C.  U T I
D.  None of these
E.  G I C
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1000 .Which of the following is/are the Non-tax Revenue components of the Union Budget of India? I. Customs Duties II. Interest Receipts III. Dividends and Profits Select the correct answer using the codes given below:
A.  II and III
B.  Only II
C.  Only 111
D.  Only I
E.  All of these
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1001 .At which of the following rates does the Central Bank lend to banks against government securities?
A.  Reverse Repo Rate
B.  Repo Rate
D.  Bank Rate
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1002 .Which of the following terms is NOT used in the Banking world?
A.  Credit
B.  Holding Company
C.  Time deposit
D.  Postdated cheque
E.  Centripetal force
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1003 .The largest share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), in India comes from
A.  defence and allied sector
B.  defence and public administration
C.  agriculture and allied sector
D.  service sector
E.  manufacturing and construction
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1004 .GDP at factor cost is
A.  NNP plus depreciation allowance
B.  None of the above
C.  GNP minus depreciation allowance
D.  GDP minus subsidies plus indirect taxes
E.  GDP minus indirect taxes plus subsidies
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1005 .RBI has released its guidelines for entry of new banks in the private sectorin the month of February 201 3. One of the norms is at least a prescribed percentage of branches of new bank should be set in unbanked rural centres with a population of upto 9,999 people. What is the percentage of such branches prescribed in the norms?
A.  10%
B.  Other than those given as options
C.  25%
D.  15%
E.  18%
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