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    1000+  GK Questions and Answers  (General Knowledge ) MCQ  Questions and Answers for all competitive exams UPSC IAS IPS  Prelims, SSC CGL ,SSC CHSL general Awareness CTET, UGC NET, SET Questions Practice Online

    976 .For filing and resolving customer complaints, the Banking Ombudsman
    A.  charges a fee of Rs. 1500
    B.  charges a fee of Rs. 500
    C.  charges a fee of Rs. 1000
    D.  does not charge any fee
    E.  None of the above
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    977 .Which of the following committee is associated with the review of Insider Trading Regulations?
    A.  Tarapore Committee
    B.  Sodhi Committee
    C.  Sinha Committee
    D.  Chandrashekhar Committee
    E.  None of these
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    978 .According to the latest available data what was India's economic growth in 2013-14?
    A.  5.7%
    B.  5.5%
    C.  4.7%
    D.  None of these
    E.  4.5%
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    979 .Insurance service provided by various banks is commonly known as....
    A.  Portfolio Management
    B.  Investment Banking
    C.  Merchant Banking
    D.  Micro Finance
    E.  Bancassurance
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    980 .The issued/paid-up capital of a Regional Rural Bank (RRB) should be
    A.  Rs. 60 lakh
    B.  minimum Rs. 25 lakh and maximum Rs. 100 lakh
    C.  None of the above
    D.  Rs. 90 lakh
    E.  Rs. 80 lakh
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    981 .Co-operative development bank was set-up by
    A.  RBI
    B.  Central Government
    C.  NABARD
    D.  SBI
    E.  None of these
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    982 .Which of the following is incorrect about Non-banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)?
    A.  NBFC cannot accept demand deposits
    B.  NBFC can issue cheques drawn on itself
    C.  NBFC is not a part of the payment and settlement system
    D.  None of the above
    E.  NBFCS are fast emerging segment of Indian financial system
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    983 .In India, the system of decimal coinage was introduced on
    A.  15th August, 1947
    B.  26th January, 1950
    C.  1st April, 1957
    D.  All of the above
    E.  None of the above
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    984 .Which of the following is the sale authority for issue of currency in India?
    A.  None of the above
    B.  All of the above
    C.  Controller of Currency
    D.  Government of India
    E.  Reserve Bank of India
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    985 .In E-commerce what is meant by B2B?
    A.  It suggests transactions between banks and capitalists
    B.  It means trade between business to business
    C.  All of the above
    D.  The deals between business to banks
    E.  None of the above
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    986 .The branding line of Bank of Baroda is
    A.  India's International Bank
    B.  World's local Bank
    C.  None of these
    D.  International Bank of India
    E.  India's Multinational Bank
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    987 .Drawing, accepting, making or issuing of any promissory note, hundi or bill of exchange expressed to be payable to bearer on demand by a person other than the Reserve Bank of India or the Central Government is prohibited under
    A.  None of the above
    B.  Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
    C.  Section 31 (1) of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934
    D.  Indian Contract Act, 1872
    E.  Banking Regulation Act, 1949
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    988 .SEBI is a/n
    A.  Advisory body
    B.  Constitutional body
    C.  Registered as a society
    D.  Statutory body
    E.  Non-statutory body
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    989 .The balance of trade is given by
    A.  merchandise exports plus service exports minus the sum of merchandise and service imports
    B.  the balance of unilateral transfers
    C.  the balance on current account
    D.  merchandise exports minus merchandise imports
    E.  income receipts minus income payments on investments
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    990 .Narsimham Committee recommended to reduce SLR and CLR to
    A.  25% and 3.5% respectively
    B.  25% and 3% respectively
    C.  20% and 5% respectively
    D.  24% and 3.5% respectively
    E.  25% and 5% respectively
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