1000 GK Questions and Answers

1000+  GK Questions and Answers  (General Knowledge ) MCQ  Questions and Answers for all competitive exams UPSC IAS IPS  Prelims, SSC CGL ,SSC CHSL general Awareness CTET, UGC NET, SET Questions Practice Online

931 .Which one of the following banks can be included in the Scheduled Commercial Banking System of India?
A.  None of the above
B.  Private Sector Banks
C.  Foreign Banks in India
D.  All of the above
E.  Regional Rural Banks
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932 .'National Financial Switch' has been setup to facilitate connectivity between the bank's switches and their ATMs and interbank payment gateway for authentication and routing the payment details of various e-commerce transactions. Which organisation has set-up this switch?
D.  None of these
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933 .NABARD provides refinance assistance for
A.  promotion of small scale industries
B.  cottage and village industries
C.  promotion of agriculture
D.  None of the above
E.  All of the above
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934 .The actual return of an investor is reduced sometimes as the prices of the commodities go up all of a sudden. In financial sector this type of phenomenon is known as .................
A.  Market risk
B.  Inflation risk
C.  None of these
D.  Credit risk
E.  Probability risk
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935 .A centralized database with online connectivity to branches, Internet as well as ATM network which has been adopted by almost all major banks of our country is known as
A.  national banking
B.  mobile banking
C.  core banking
D.  specialised banking
E.  investment banking
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936 .As we all know, more and more countries/ organisations are now going for Non-Cash Transactions and accordingly Banks have launched many new products in the market for the same. Which of the following products is a non-cash transaction product?
A.  All are non-cash transaction products.
B.  Only Prepaid Card
C.  Only Credit Card
D.  Only ATM Card
E.  Only Debit Card
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937 .The Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) is a venture of ___?
B.  None of these
E.  EXIM Bank of India
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938 .Crossing of cheques makes them
A.  eligible for payment irrespective of sufficient balance in the account
B.  invalid document
C.  ineligible to get cash across the bank counter
D.  remain the same in all respect, it is only a practice
E.  ineligible to endorse to person other than the payee
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939 .Who decides on the quantity of coins to be minted?
A.  All of the above
B.  None of the above
C.  The Government of India
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940 .The minting of rupee coin is governed by
A.  Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934
B.  Currency Act, 1902
C.  None of the above
D.  Coinage Act, 1906
E.  Banking Regulation Act, 1949
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941 .As per the existing policy, the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) of scheduled banks is fixed at a certain percentage of their NDTL. What is full form of NDTL?
A.  National Deposits and Total Liquidity
B.  Net Duration and Total Liquidity
C.  Net Demand and Time Liabilities
D.  New Demand and Tenure Liabilities
E.  New Deposits and Term Liquidity
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942 .Which of the following banks has acquired the 'Centurion Bank of Punjab'?
A.  AXIS Bank
B.  None of these
C.  IDBI Bank
D.  HDFC Bank
E.  ICICI Bank
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943 .Which was the first mutual fund started in India?
A.  Indian Bank Mutual Fund
B.  SBI Mutual Fund
C.  Kotak Pioneer Mutual Fund
D.  None of the above
E.  Unit Trust of India
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944 .Which of the following is known as Plastic Money? (1) Demand Draft (2) Credit Card (3) Debit Card
A.  All (1), (2) and (3)
B.  Both (2) and (3)
C.  Only (3)
D.  Only (2)
E.  Only (1)
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945 .As per the reports in the leading newspapers. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has asked the mutual fund industry to stop 'Misselling' their schemes to investors. What is 'Misselling' of products? I. Misselling takes place when mutual funds are sold without telling the likely returns. II. When agents sell the products without telling investors what are the risks involved in investing in mutual funds. III. When agents invest somebody's money in mutual funds without their knowledge, it is called misselling. Select the correct answer using the codes given below:
A.  All of these
B.  Only I
C.  Only III
D.  Only II
E.  None of these
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