1000 GK Questions and Answers

    1000+  GK Questions and Answers  (General Knowledge ) MCQ  Questions and Answers for all competitive exams UPSC IAS IPS  Prelims, SSC CGL ,SSC CHSL general Awareness CTET, UGC NET, SET Questions Practice Online

    901 .Kisan Credit Cards are an effective way of reaching out to the farmers by the banks. What assistance does the farmer receive in this way?
    A.  Credit facility for crops etc against an approved limit
    B.  Long-term credit is provided against his land holdings
    C.  None of these
    D.  Short-term credit facility against value of his crops
    E.  Loan is permissible against crops sold, but payment yet to be received by the farmer
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    902 .A scheduled bank is the one which is included in the
    A.  II Schedule of Banking Regulation Act
    B.  II Schedule of Constitution
    C.  All of these
    D.  II Schedule of RBI Act
    E.  None of these
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    903 .Which of the following could be considered as an initiative towards promotion of financial inclusion?
    A.  Opening of no frills accounts
    B.  Appointing business correspondents for servicing rural customers
    C.  None of the above
    D.  Opening of bank branches in unbanked districts
    E.  All of the above
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    904 .Which of the following are the instruments of Credit Control in the hands of the RBI? I. Lowering or raising the discount and interest rates.II. Raising the minimum support price of the major agro products. III. Lowering or raising the minimum cash reserves maintained by the commercial banks. Select the correct answer using the codes given below
    A.  Only I
    B.  Both I and III
    C.  Both II and III
    D.  Only II
    E.  Only III
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    905 .Rupee coins are the legal tender in India under the provisions of
    A.  Indian Coinage Act, 1906
    B.  None of the above
    C.  Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934
    D.  Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
    E.  Banking Regulation Act, 1949
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    906 .In case of a debt taken by a married woman, her husband will be liable for debt only if the debt is taken
    A.  for the supply of necessaries of life to the wife, in case the husband defaults in supplying the same to her
    B.  None
    C.  with his consent or authority
    D.  Either A or B
    E.  Both A and B
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    907 .How many banks are presently nationalised banks in India?
    A.  15
    B.  20
    C.  6
    D.  19
    E.  14
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    908 .Which one of the following agencies is not included in the operation of the Kisan Credit Cards?
    A.  NABARD
    B.  Co-operative Banks
    C.  Regional Rural Banks
    D.  None of these
    E.  Scheduled Commercial Banks
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    909 .Structure of Basel II is based on how many pillars?
    A.  Three
    B.  Two
    C.  Five
    D.  Ten
    E.  Four
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    910 .Recently RBI issued new guidelines on loan restructuring of Non-banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). The guidelines were based on the recommendation of which Committee?
    A.  B. Mahapatra Committee
    B.  Urijit Patel Committee
    C.  Bimal Jalan Committee
    D.  Nachiket Mor Committee
    E.  None of these
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    911 .Which of the following rates is not decided by RBI?
    A.  Cash Reserve Ratio
    B.  Bank rate
    C.  Repo rate
    D.  Reverse Repo rate
    E.  Base rate
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    912 .Which of the following organisations/ agencies works solely to monitor and arrange flow of agriculture credit in India?
    A.  RBI
    B.  SEBI
    C.  None of these
    D.  SIDBI
    E.  NABARD
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    913 .The maximum period for which a fixed deposit can be accepted by a commercial bank is
    A.  10 years
    B.  8 years
    C.  None of these
    D.  15 years
    E.  No limit
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    914 .Objective of Monetary Policy of RBI is to
    A.  None of the above
    B.  encourage flow of credit into neglected sector
    C.  All of the above
    D.  control inflation
    E.  discourage loading of commodities
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    915 .Many a time we read in newspaper about the benefits of National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), a dlivery service launched by the bank. Why do banks advocate for such delivery channels? (1) It is a system in which no physical transfer takes place, hence risk is very low. (2) In this system banks are not required to transfer any money actually to the account of the customer. Only book adjustment is done. Hence actual fund is not needed. (3) This facility is available to anybody at any place. Even having a bank account is not at all necessary.
    A.  Only (1) is correct
    B.  Only (3) is correct
    C.  Both (1) & (2) are correct
    D.  Only (2) is correct
    E.  All (1), (2) & (3) are correct
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