PHP interview questions and answers


Dear Aspirants, Find php interview questions and answers for Practice and Preparation for job Interview

find Below topics

  • What is PHP?
  • What is the difference between a static and Dynamic Web site?
  • What is the meaning of Open Source Software?
  • Why was PHP developed what it is used for and where can you get it?
  • What are the benefits of using PHP and MySQL?
  • What are the method available in form submitting?
  • How can we submit from without a submit button?
  • How can we get the browser properties using php?
  • What Is a Session?
  • How can we register the variables into a session?
  • How do you destroy a particular or all Sessions?
  • What are the different functions in sorting an array?
  • How can we know the total number of elements of Array?
  • What type of headers that PHP supports?
  • How can we create a database using php?
  • Explain include include once require and require once.
  • What are the different types of errors in php?
  • What are the Formatting and Printing Strings available in PHP?
  • How to find a length of a string?
  • What is the functionality of the function strstr and stristr?
  • How can we get second of the current time using date function?
  • What is the difference between the functions unlink and unset?
  • What is the difference between ereg replace and eregi replace?
  • What is the difference between characters 023 and x23?
  • What is the difference between PHP4 and PHP5?
  • What are encryption functions in PHP?
  • What is the functionality of the function htmlentities?
  • How can we increase the execution time of a php script?
  • How to set cookies?
  • How to store the uploaded file to the final location?
  • How can we find the number of rows in a result set using php?
  • How to open a file?
  • How many open modes available when a file open in PHP?
  • Explain the types of string comparision function in PHP.
  • Explain soundex and metaphone.
  • Explain the types of functions for Splitting String?
  • Explain Whitespace Characters.
  • What do you mean range ?
  • Explain Creating and Naming an Array.
  • How to read and display a HTML source from the website url?
  • How to display your correct URL of the current web page?
  • Explain FILES Superglobal Array.
  • Explain mysql error.
  • What types of MYSQL function available in PHP?
  • How to get number of rows using MYSQL function?
  • Explain mysql errno.
  • What types of MYSQL function available for affecting columns
  • What is Constructors and Destructors?
  • Why do we create an instance of a class?
  • What is properties of class?
  • Explain Constant in Class.
  • Explain the visibility of the property or method.

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